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Infrastructure and Cabling



If you are a business owner in VA, MD, or the DC area, let Global CTI assist you in the design of your Network Cabling. Whether you need ten or ten thousand cables, Global CTI can design a fully wire-managed infrastructure that utilizes the latest in cabling technology. From Cat6 copper cables to the latest in glass or plastic multi- or single-mode fiber cable applications.

With technology moving at such a rapid clip it can seem almost impossible for a business to stay current. But staying current is absolutely essential for businesses that want to provide their own customers with the highest level of service. At Global CTI our customers turn to us to ensure that they are utilizing the most comprehensive telecommunications systems possible for their phone cabling and voice and data cabling needs; that they are, in fact, set up to make use of all that is available to them in today’s technologically advanced world. Our commitment to our customers is to provide unparalleled insight into the voice, data, and networking industries so that they can best identify their own needs and determine what capabilities will best help them to grow their business – now and well into the future. More than anything, our customers – who are making an investment in their business phone system – want to ensure that what they purchase and integrate into their daily operations will not become obsolete in the near future; and that they can continue to expand upon the voice and data system that they choose as their business grows and its needs change. To that end, our expert team provides professional structured cabling solutions that allow businesses to host a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure on-site. However, the design and installation of structured cabling must be handled with the utmost care and complete understanding of not only the technology, but the standards governing that technology. The team at Global CTI possesses the understanding and the experience to design and install the most fully integrated telecommunications solution that meets all industry standards.


At Global CTI we base our wiring and cabling solutions on the following:

A thorough understanding of our customers’ needs
Understanding industry standards
Experience with a multitude of cabling products
Our voice and network cabling staff has extensive experience in the design and installation of copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructures to support voice, data, security and video networks. All designs are based on American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards. Voice and data cabling solutions utilize Category 3, 5, 5E, 6 or Multimode and Singlemode fiber cabling.

Global CTI offers the latest in testing equipment and procedures to verify that all installations meet today’s industry standards. Contact us for more information on our structured cabling service or to pursue a customized solution for your particular business needs .

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